Personal contact is the best way to gain and keep the confidence of customers and trainees. It consumes a lot of time. Time you may want to spend differently.

A teleseminar or webinar is the ideal solution for interactive sessions with personal contact. You do not need to travel and will reach more people with less effort. With Teminar, you are bridging the gap between newsletters and physical meetings.

Teminar offers affordable and effective teleseminars and webinars.

Well targeted and cost efficient

Human contact in a convenient way:

  • Unlimited geographic range
  • More binding due to fixed time
  • Human contact with participants
  • No expensive conferencing location required
  • Savings on both travel time and costs
  • No special hard or software required

Giving a teleseminar or webinar

With Teminar you don't have to worry about the technicallities allowing you to fully focus on your teleseminar or webinar.

The Control Panel provides full control: you can mute and unmute microphones, see who has a question and much more.

Participating a Teminar

To join a Teminar all you need is a phone and the Teminar code. You can participate anywhere; traveling is not required.

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